Come on 2013! I’m Ready For You!

13 Jan

I’m not sure why I’m always surprised when another year rolls around on the calendar. I am ridiculously obsessed with planning out every moment of my life…not one of my favorite traits, but one I just have to live with…but I still feel like each new year comes way too quickly. Maybe it’s because November through January are such busy months. November is Landon’s birthday and Thanksgiving, then December is Ken’s birthday, work Christmas parties, and Christmas, and then January is the New Year, my birthday, and our anniversary.

I’m so ready for the new year. The past few years have been so tough emotionally. After two and a half years of trying to have another child, I was just about at my breaking point…some might say I was past my breaking point, but I’m giving myself the benefit of the doubt. The first year of trying to conceive wasn’t so bad. We were just getting used to the thought of having another one and really just figured we were doing something wrong. It was a classic case of DENIAL! After that first year, reality set in and my emotional state really went downhill from there. If I had to pretend to be happy for one more person that was pregnant I would have lost it. My fake “oh, that’s amazing..I’m so happy for you” was getting less and less believable. I eventually started being more open about what was going on with us. I felt like…what else do I have to lose?!?! Well, what I didn’t realize was that most people, at no fault of their own, do not understand AT ALL what you’re going through. So that just opened up a whole new bag of…something:

“You’re trying to hard. Just stop trying.” Well that seems like good advice, doesn’t it!

“You’re still so young. There’s still time.” This one was my favorite. I actually heard this at a doctor’s office while going in for a blood test that I needed to get the whole infertility process started. If that bitch didn’t have a needle in my arm I could have beat her!

“You already have one. What do you need another for? Just appreciate the one you have.” Although that wasn’t the worst thing to hear, it made me feel selfish for wanting to have another child. I started feeling like I should just shut up and stop being sad. Eventually I realized that I deserved however many children I wanted.


I can’t blame people for not understanding and I just appreciate the fact that they were there to talk to when I really needed to just get things out…even if some of them made things worse. I guess that was the risk I took by “coming out” about infertility.

Not everything was negative or made things worse. I found out that there are a ton of people that have struggled with or are currently struggling with infertility. Those were the ones to talk to. For the first time in a long time I did not feel alone. For some reason when someone that has been through it says “it’s going to happen for you,” it’s not’s almost reassuring. It makes you feel like yelling “HELL YEAH IT IS!”

Landon has been great through all of this. I know it was hard on him to see me crying every single day and seeing me just not myself. I feel a bit guilty because I think I missed out on really being emotionally there for him in the past few years, but hopefully that is all behind us. I think he’s glad to have his mommy back 🙂



To the parents of Landon: Your family is nuts!

12 Aug

So we’ve finally made it to that next step…the school years. I can’t lie, I’m mostly terrified and only a little bit excited. I can’t help it! My baby is growing up so fast! I’m also terrified for what he’s going to SAY at school. I’m now starting to realize that maybe all of the joking around we do in this house may not have been the best idea, especially now that he repeats EVERYTHING to people. I wonder how long it will take before I get that note home in his backpack saying: “To the parents of Landon: You guys are FREAKS!” I can’t argue with that. So maybe I should have started to “normal up” a year or five earlier. Whatev. We just like to have fun.

So I’ve started to compile a list of things Landon might tell his teacher which would cause some concern.

Weird Things Landon May Tell His Teacher

1. “Most mornings while we’re getting ready, mommy comes downstairs without pants while I’m watching Octonauts and dances across the living room to the Creature Report.”

In my defense: I really don’t like wearing pants so that step of getting dressed is saved until it’s absolutely necessary.  Don’t judge.

2. “Mommy takes shots everyday on the couch.”

In my defense: In this case, the teacher may not know whether I’m drinking or shooting up, but either way, she would probably be concerned. Fortunately, I have the prescriptions on hand. Whew!

3. “What do you mean God made the Earth? Daddy said it was aliens.”

In his defense: Wait for it…wait for it…well, who doesn’t like a joke every now and then? Luckily, Landon asked again the other day and I told him that God made the Earth. Unfortunately, his next question was “Who is that?” So maybe we should have gone more in depth with the God discussion. I thought his Thank You God book would do the trick. Apparently a 10 page book doesn’t quite work, but now we’re really honing in on that. Whew again!

4. “My papa has a knife in his cane, which he lets me play with.”

In his defense: Papa is a unique individual with a habit of getting completely unnecessary things. Landon plays with the cane, not the knife.

5. Teacher: “Now class, take out your markers and glue.” Landon: “Whatevs.”

In our defense: I guess there’s really no defense in this case. We probably shouldn’t have taught him to say whatevs to people, but it’s kind of funny.

School starts August 20! Wish us luck!

Are you there, Mandy? It’s me…your blog.

3 Jul

So…it’s been quite awhile since my last blog. Ooops! I’ve been computer-less for awhile and, well, a little lazy  unmotivated. Sometimes I can’t believe how fast the time flies or how busy we get. So here’s a mini-update:

Ty is getting is Associate’s Degree this month. He has never been a school-type-person so I honestly never thought this would happen. I think that actually makes me 10,000 times more proud of him. He is starting his Bachelor’s program at RMCAD in August. That should take about two years, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Besides being busy with homework every weekend, he has been working tons of hours at Tervis, as well as his normal job of being a super-freaking-awesome dad.



I am always giving Ty weekend constant annoying jobs to do around the house and the yard. He rarely complains…to me. #I’mSoLucky We recently started painting the house. I painted the bathroom while Ty was at work one day a few weeks ago and now it has turned into a paint project. I don’t have any pictures now…those will have to come later.

Tropical Storm Debby rolled through our area last weekend. That B just wouldn’t give up! Extra wind and rain = mid-afternoon vodka and cranberries and an early at-home happy hour. Luckily we didn’t have too much damage from wind or rain in our area, but it sure made for a LONG weekend indoors. The only thing that was damaged (besides my liver) was Landon’s canopy on his swing set.


Going backward a bit: Landon had surgery at All Children’s Hospital in St. Pete the Friday before Memorial Day. He was such a trooper! He was feeling much better later that day and back to normal within the week. I can’t believe how brave my son is!


And later that day:


Landon is starting preschool on August 20. I’m so excited for him and sad devastated for me. I still feel like he was just born. He’ll always be my little baby, but I know it’s time for him to venture out a bit. I’m sure he will love it! He is growing up so fast. He can read and is starting to write MUCH more legibly. He is getting more and more independent by the day. Sometimes it drives me insane, but then I stop and remind myself that it is a good thing that he wants to be independent…at least that’s what gets me through some of those wonderful talking-back-to-mommy spells.

I suppose that’s all for now. I’ll be back. And not in six months.

Something, Something About…

7 Nov

I find myself constantly doubting that Landon knows exactly what he’s talking about. Horrible, I know, but true. I guess I just haven’t come to terms with the fact that he’s an actual smart person and not just my baby that coo’d and goo’d for awhile. So lately he has been asking to hear “mommy’s song”. I could not for the life of me figure out what the heck he was talking about. When we asked him to sing it, he would sing, “something, something about…” I went through all my current favorite songs on my iPod, asked him continuously to sing it for me again and again and again but just could not figure it out. I just assumed he was just being silly or didn’t know that words to the actual song so he was inserting something, something about. He was adamant that those were the words! So today after I picked him up from Grandma and Papa’s house after work, we were driving down the road and as I flipped through the stations, Lady Gaga’s You and I came through the speakers. Landon yelled “that’s your song, mommy!!!!”

“Something, something about this place

Something ’bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face

Something, something about my cool Nebraska guy

Yeah, something about, baby, you and I”

Ahhhhh, it all makes sense. Although interestingly enough, I really don’t like Lady Gaga too much. I think she’s talented as hell, but a horrible role model and most of her songs are a little too out there for my taste. So, at least we solved one mystery today!

Excuse Jeopardy

19 Oct

Why is it that kids are always shocked that they have to go to bed each night? 8:30 rolls around and the excuses begin. “I’ll take I need to go potty for $200, Pat.” So we do the whole potty thing, and then he needs to replenish with a nice cold sip of water (in a Dave & Buster’s cup of course, otherwise it just won’t cleanse the pallet as necessary I suppose.) Unfortunately, I’m a sucker, and he knows it! He stares at me with those adorable Puss n’ Boots eyes and I just melt. I couldn’t let him be thirsty all night! Think of how traumatic that could be for him! Okay, so maybe not, but it could happen.

So after he’s all pottyed out and fully hydrated, we move on to a new category. “This time I’ll take snuggling with mommy for $750.” He knows that one will work on me for sure. “Mommy, can we watch Friends in your bed?” What?!?! He wants to spend one-on-one time with me letting me snuggle him beyond belief while watching my all-time favorite (and not at all age appropriate) show? Of course!…Wait a minute…this smells like a trick. Oh, what the heck! Works every time.

Next category: Reading. Usually during naptime he sticks to academia. Mr. Smarty Pants is now learning to read, and boy, does he love his books! So now we have yet another great excuse: reading MORE books. One or two used to suffice, but now we have moved on to more, more, more. I am always so in awe of how many words he has learned to sound out that I just let him keep going and going. Reading always makes me sleepy. Apparently it doesn’t work for him. He reads to me and I fall asleep. Two hours later he’s still awake driving cars all over me in his bed. Ooops!

I guess this is all payback for what I used to do when I was his age. It’s funny because he uses similar tactics. I guess great minds really do think alike after all! I can remember asking for vitamins and green pepper at 9:30 at night. How could a parent say no to healthy requests? Mine never did! Another one of my favorites was playing massuese. I would stay up WAY past my bedtime “creaming” my mom. Landon now tries that one on me and it all makes so much sense. We both benefit. I’m counting down until he gets a little better at it and then no more backaches for me! WooHoo! Gotta love kiddos!

But I swear he’s a genius!

10 Oct

Does your kid always pick the right wrong time to…become mute and make you look like a liar? It’s like, I spend most of my time at work bragging about how awesome my son is and how much of a genius I have on my hands and then he just makes ME look like the nutcase! (I know, I know. I’m THAT mom, but hell, I gave birth to him so I deserve to talk about him even when people don’t care, right?!?!). So instead of focusing on work like I should be during the day, I spend most of the day annoying my co-workers about my ultra-smart child. I probably deserve to look like a liar for making everyone cringe when I talk about him constantly, because when he comes to visit mommy at work, he becomes the non-talkative, speech deprived child that seems to be about two years behind what he should be. Thanks Landon!

I really shouldn’t complain though. I could have one of those monster children that runs around the office like a lunatic. It’s always really awkward when someone brings their completely rambunctious and out-of-control kid in. Let the judging begin! Everyone makes eye contact with one another and we all know what everyone is thinking…”Better her than me!” It sounds awful, but it’s at that moment when you know everyone feels a little bit better about themselves. Nothing like using someone else’s misery to feel a bit accomplished for the day.

So anyway, as you may have guessed, my name is Mandy and I’m a mom…“Hi, Mandy”. I have an absolutely amazing little boy named Landon and a just as amazing husband, Tyler. We may be “livin’ la vida loca” sometimes, but honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Our house can get a bit hectic at times, but that may have something to do with the zoo we have along with our three soon-to-be four-year-old boy. We have two Shih-Tzu dogs, Rocco (6) and Olivia (1), a long-haired cat, Fluffy (7-ish), a female cockatiel, Batman (2), and a new 29 gallon fish tank. What were we thinking?

So if you love animals and have a crazy little life, follow my blog. We should have a lot of fun!

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